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country that may be on the verge of you becoming the saudi arabia of south america thanks to lithium. >>> and in italy. the government wants to know why that country's food staple costs so much. could someone be fixing the price of pasta? tonight we noodle it over. >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from around the globe, this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. thank you for joining us. it was just what haiti not the need. one of the most powerful aftershocks since the devastating earthquake that hit that country eight days ago. today's aftershock had a magnitude of 5.9. it rumbled through the ruined capital port-au-prince for 15 or 20 uneasy seconds. stephan bachenheimer of our german partner describes what it felt like. >> well, i woke up this morning just a minute or two a
as the chalk dispenser, you're in trouble. hello, america. glad you're here. here is how barack obama supped tuesday's massive political earthquake in massachusetts. >> people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what has happened in the last year or two years but what has happened in the last eight years. >> glenn: i want to make sure i understood that. he started out blaming in the interview with george stephanopoulos, blaming it on george w. bush. i'm trying to do the math on this. people are so mad for george bush and what he did in the last eight years he voted for a republican. voters are stupid. take that, george bush, we're going to help out obama by voting for a republican. that will show you and the evil karl rove pup letpet of yours! that's like getting mad at oil companies because of the high prices and switch from exxon to shell. i hate those oil people. i'm going to switch next time to chevron. hello, stop insulting our intelligence. he either thinks we're stupid or he is somewhere in space! there not are the voters only mad at george w. bush, but the other thi
you. i'll show you next. >> glenn: hello america. many i ask an honest question. am i beginning to look a little like james trafficant? seriously. maybe it just me. scott brown pulled out a victory last night, 52-47. close to the numbers we showed you yesterday. republicans everywhere are giddy. there is already talk about brown running for president. me i just say cool it. can we actually have people accomplish something first before they become president? i'm just saying. do you remember this guy? he was posing nude and he thought that was a good idea. sure, it was 1982. but i can't recall an era where male nudity was considered a good thing. scott brown can. 1982. did you see the acceptance speech last night? it was great. it was really good. until he started talking about i guess some sort of dowry for his daughters. >> i want to thank them for their help as well. [ applause ] in case anyone is watching throughout the country, they're both available. no, no, no. [ laughter ] only kidding. only kidding. >> glenn: he goes on to say only kidding. only kidding. she's not. but sh
starts, and on the earnings front, quarterly reports from bank of america, ebay, morgan stanley and wells fargo. >> states across the country face budget battles this year. one expert weighs in on whether the feds should bail out california. >> a former lehman brothers practices and whether theying should be overhauled. oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call. these days, carrying a mortgage and avoiding foreclosure can overwhelm even the strongest person. even if you've been responsible and done all the right things, the weight of preventing foreclosure can become too much for anyone to bear. but now help is available, offering alternatives for lots of homeowners in many difficult mortgage situations. one option may be advice from a certified foreclosure prevention specialist. it's
to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the presiding officer: the clerk will read a communication to the senate. the clerk: washington, d.c, january 21, 2010. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable kirsten gillibrand, a senator from the state of new york, to perform te duties of the chair. signed: robert c. byrd, presidet pro tempore. mr. mcconnell: madam president? the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: i want to thank the majority leader for giving me the chance to make my very brief opening remarks as i must leave the building shortly. i thank him. mr. president, the senate's newest member is coming down from massachusetts today and we'll have a chance to welcome senator-elect brown to the capitol. obviously, we're delighted to have him. senator-elect brown has captured the attention of the entire country, but he has captured the attention of massachusetts voters
undation, dedicated to promotg fiscal responsibility and addressi key economic challeng facing america's future. d additional funding is provid by the following supporters -- >>> goo evening, i'm martin savidg thanks foroining us. we'rgoing to shift gears tonight and retur to a subject the world was cussed on for much of last year, the gbal economy. the world bank is out with its predictions for the next yea on one hand the world says t economic cris is largely over and the global economy will verse course and return to growth this year by 7% overal but there were also some warnings, growth will probay owdown later this years the effects of stimulus spending decrease and for chna, there are signs of bubbles in that freied economy. china reported growth of 8.7% for 2009 and staggering 10.7% in the last quarter. we sta with the pspective from beijing where melissa kn of bay jireiji looked behind t numbers. >> reporter: once the tget was t, failure was simpl not an option. the country has not missed a sile gdp target this entire deca. the growth haseen drive by successful financi stimulus
happened here in mass mats can happen all over america! -- here in massachusetts, can happen all over america! >> sean: we are one day removed from the shot heard round the world the stunning come from behind victory by republican scott brown in the massachusetts special election. the sweeping victory by the gop in the bluest of blue states no doubt has democrats across the country extremely worried about their chances for reelection. on behalf of the rest of the nation massachusetts voters put an abrupt end to the democrats' super majority in the senate now the health care reform bill is in serious jeopardy. earlier today a defeated president began to back frank on his party threats of shoving health care reform down your throat. >> i just want to make sure this is off the table. the senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. the people of massachusetts spoke. >> sean: i doubt this is how the president envisioned celebrating his one year anniversary since his inauguration. americans are sending a clear message to the president and his allies i
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> senator-elect. mr. brown goes to washington. as both parties look for lessons from his stunning victory. >>> then, stay the course. the president says he got the message delivered by voters in massachusetts. but it won't change his agenda. it's an abc news exclusive. >>> and no relief. more punishing weather pounds california. and this morning could bring the worst yet. >> it's thursday, january 21st, 2010. >>> good morning. i'm eric horng. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. >> and i'm vinita nair. the new senator from massachusetts begins making his rounds on capitol hill today. >> both sides of the aisle are trying to figure out what scott brown's stunning victory means for them. viviana hurtado has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning. one of the big questions being asked today after the brown win, which party can gain momentum for the races scheduled later this year? and for the legislative agenda? the winds of political change that swept scott brown to victory in massachusetts, are already shaking up the washington a
the amount of risk any one bank in america can take on in an effort to make their executives rich. under these rules, your bank could no longer gamble with your money. >> as economics professor william black who has joined us a number of times pointed out this morning, this is a great start. and i could not agree more, or applaud the president or his administration more for their efforts, finally, to take on directly our bankers who have sought to exploit their special privileges, not to help our democracy or our country, but to help themselves to enrich themselves. joining us now, we welcome back in fact senator maria cantwell, democrat from the great state of washington. and a member of the senate finance committee. she has been front and center pushing for stronger bank reform, including a proposed piece of legislation last fall in which you partnered with senator john mccain to propose the cantwell/mccain amendments to the senate legislation that would effectively try to reduce this exact type of gambling, gambling with other people's money. your reaction to the president's proposal,
takes the title of one of america's worst commutes. 9 news now digital correspondent kristin fisher is outside live feeling some of the pain. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is not good news for all of you commuters out there, but you already knew that, right. the capital beltway has been named the third most congested freeway in the entire country and the biggest bottleneck is the inner loop here at 295 in oxon hill. this is all according to a brand new study that was compiled by the website, the daily beast and a company called inrix. they used gps data from truck drivers across the country to calculate the pace of traffic. here's what they found. check this out. the number one most congested freeway in america is the hollywood freeway in los angeles. no surprise there. coming in at number two is the lunalilo freeway in honolulu, hawaii and that's one i never guessed and capital beltway clocks in at number three. the study shows the capital beltway is backed up, get this, 194 hours every week. after the biggest bottleneck where we are now, the inner
? >> in general, it's where every other base in america is, and that people want jobs. they want to make sure their homes are secure, their house that they are not going to lose their homes, foreclosure. they want health care. they want retirement security. they want investments to be secure. economics, what it's b frankly, the disconnect between the government and the people today i think is on the economic issues. and if we can start to close the gap have a little bit more communication with the people, such as we have in massachusetts, i think the democrats will recover and we will continue to be of service to the american people. >> are you going to have to pass health care to recover, because nancy pelosi is saying that over in the house, she doesn't have the votes to pass the senate bill. your thoughts? >> well, she is right. and the truth is though that there's nothing that stops us from passing a bill that stops -- that would stop insurance companies from denying care to people with pre-existing conditions. there's nothing that stops us from passing a bill that would cause the insuran
's true. i believe that middle america has spoken here in massachusetts and as they will across the country and future elections and i believe he's the catalyst for change. i believe he can be our voice for middle america. and i just feel that the change is now. i think there's a great movement across massachusetts. and i hope to be across the country as well. >> yes. dujuan? >> my concern from scott brown, my concern is americans need to break away from this right and left paradigm in general. i don't feel we have a candidate strong enough to really do what the american people need to do and scott brown, he ran as an independent but he's a true republican. so we need to break away from that right-left paradigm as american citizens and -- because that's the only answer for this nation. >> uh-huh. i think a lot of americans say hey, we want to be heard. so both republican and democratic party are on notice. dejuan, george and john, thanks for being my guests this morning. interesting discussion. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", the silence of the salahis. >> th
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"early today" in america. >>> police in west virginia are looking for a middle-aged woman who robbed a bank. surveillance cameras captured a woman sliding a note to a teller demanding money. the suspect waited as the cash was stuffed into a bag. >>> a new york woman is dead after driving her car into a backyard pool. the woman accidentally drove in reverse. when the vehicle was found, it had broken through the ice and was submerged in water with the victim inside. >>> a lightning strike in oklahoma sparked a fire the a large oil storage tank. the bolt ignited the fuel creating a ring of flames that could be seen for five miles. the blaze remained confined to the rim of the tank. >>> a zoo in new jersey found a special way to celebrate national penguin day yesterday. a group of four afternoon an ris made their debut. they came from southwest africa with a very similar climate to new jersey. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist raphael miranda with the weather channel forecast. i'm kind of depending on you to explain how new jersey has the
, massachusetts, dee dee on the independent line. caller: good morning, american. -- america. i'm an independent who voted for scott brown and i responded to his message pretty much of stop the madness. what i'm seeing now is really frightening me because as soon as he won, you saw the big machines starting to move into place -- the media machines, political machines. you see late night talk-show host trashing him and making fun of him, and those clips being replayed over and over. give the man a chance. i think the people of massachusetts responded to this message and as soon as his message, stop the madness, got him elected now you see people putting spin. the republican leadership trying to exploit his win, the democratic leadership reviling his win and trying to explain it away. you see all the pundits -- it letterman, olbermann, and the republican side, glenn beck, making fun of them. give him a chance, i am pleading with people. thank you so much. go, scott brown. host: "the new york times" reported that john boehner has hired a former top adviser to the house republicans in 1994, barry ja
immediately. jobs here in america. we think that's very important. it also tries to help states so they're not laying off teachers and policemen and firemen. we think that's very important as well. let me say something. i did a little -- i get a little confused, and perhaps these facts are not well-known to you, but i thought i'd remind you of these facts. we pursued an economic program that your party put forward from 2001, 2003 on for eight years. now, while the people gave us the majority in the house and senate in 2006, obviously president bush threatened to or did in fact veto any changes that we made in economic policy . that economic policy, which you were a very strong supporter of and your party was a very strong supporter of, you continue to mention jobs. so i want to make sure you know these statistics. in the last three months of the brucks under the economic poll -- bush administration under the economic policies that not only did you pursue then but you still want to pursue because in fact the proposals that you have made essentially mirror the proposals that were made in
-span. she said people say a lot of things. in america in 2010 the american public sees their future being lost because of out of control spending, they want us to do what we say we will do. president obama's biggest problem is that he ran a campaign promising one thing and he did another. that catches us all eventually, if you do that. >> greta: is it arrogance? >> i think it is trying to win at any and all costs. the politicians in this town believe if you don't pass health care on the democratic side you are going to suffer. that's what happened to president clinton. they never understood the american people are looking at what we do when we campaign and the way we govern. i think was a detachment and a sense of arrogance i'm going to get this bill through, no matter what. >> greta: senator, thank you. we are live until 11 p.m. with the latest on yesterday's bombshell election in massachusetts. >> next, is the nuclear option coming? >> by the way what is the nuclear option? if you don't know you need to sit where you are because you are about to find out. three questions answered: one,
>>> good morning, america. on this thursday, january 21st. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this thorning, damage control. as the white house scrambles to salvage health care reform, the president takes some blame in our exclusive interview. what's his plan now? >>> and a bombshell expected this morning from former senator and presidential candidate, john edwards. reports he admits he's the father of his former campaign worker's child. >>> california clobbers with more pounding rain. planes are struck by lightning. and hundreds evacuate fearing mudslides. sam champion is in the heart of the storm. >>> pictures of tiger woods surface, reportedly showing the missing golf star holed up in this sleepy, southern town. but what's he doing there? >>> and diet wars in court. two of america's welterweight diet giants set to duke it it in a slimdown showdown. why valerie bertinelli could be exhibit "a." >>> and there is a lot of news this morning. it looks like john edwards finally going to admit that he's the father of the child of his former campaign worker. he's goi
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brown could do for them. and what grade do america's kids give president obama? here is a hint, it is not a solid b plus. and do people say they are spiritual to attract potential mates? some say no, but others say namaste. i originate and create and regulate chumps and set them straight. i get my point across because the boss is yours truly the source of force. never took a law stronger than some old course to a can of coors. greg? >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our delightful array of beautiful and probably high as a kite guests. she is nice and gives advice. she hosts the diana falzone show. she is so hot the sun uses her to dry her hair. yes, the sun has hair. follow along. she is the sexiest dame in the acting game. lead anchor and writer and producer. she is cuter than a smurf on a my little pony. he is the raider to my paul revere and the pacemaker to my jerry and the blood and sweat to my tears. my repulsive sidekick bill shultz. he vacations in turkish prisons. and he is more handsome than james bond and the swellest guy you called a spy. sitting next to me is mike
.c. the american people have spoken. the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. >> people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of -- just like the people of new york 23 spoke for the rest of america when they put a democrat in that house seat for the first time since the civil war, right? remember how that was for all of america, back in november? yeah. extrapolation fail. democratic congressman barney frank made headlines last night with a statement that essentially declared health care reform dead in the wake of scott brown's election win in massachusetts. today, congressman frank reversed himself, saying, "i have realized that my statement last night was more pessimistic than is called for. i was reacting, perhaps overreacting, to proposals i had heard from a variety of sources that we do things to facilitate the passage of a health care bill that would have sought in the short-term to neutralize yesterday's election. i continue to believe that it will be difficult to get the senate bill passed in the house as-is without a commitment to making amendments in that bi
complete lift thank god next day he jumped on him. >> rose: what do you think of america and our future? >> america is down not out. >> rose: but that's not good. >> i know, but you're down now. >> rose: down in what way? >> there was a book written about the islamic world "what went wrong". i think right now you could write a book about the united states "what went wrong" politically, onomically, financially, you know, the crisis that you're in right now. you're a mess. new a mess in the united states. i have to be honest with you. i love the united states. i admire the united states. >> rose: and you're heavi invested here. >> yeah, sure. the united states is the leader of the world. it's going to be the leader of the world for many years to come. forget china's going to come out. but you're down. i mean... >> rose: "down" means what? >> i tell you. when you have a country has $14 trillion of cumulative debt and its g.d.p. around $14 billion and both competing who's going to grow faster, that's not good. >> rose: debt or g.d.p. >> yes! and when you have these budget deficits of a tril
, what happened here in massachusetts can happen all over america. >> why democratic leaders say they are not worried that this will kill healthcare reform. >>> and i'm jessica starr coming up this morning on the hometown hot spot, i'm going to last year, my little guy got the flu... and it was bad. there's nothing more important than the ones you love, which is why now is the time to protect them and yourself. h1n1 flu vaccines are available every day, no appointment necessary, at minuteclinic, the walk-in clinic inside select cvs/pharmacies. it's peak flu season, so don't risk it. get vaccinated for h1n1 flu today. to find a minuteclinic near you, visit cvs.com, or call... >>> hold your horses, the horse world so is galling into town. meteorologist jessica starr is live at the hometown hot spot. >> reporter: if you are a horse lover, this is the expo kicking for on thursday at the maryland fairground. if you have different tieppedz otypes ofinformation. >>> tell me about the expo. let's start there. we got horses of all kinds, shopping, shopping and lots of really neat stuff f
viewers in the u.k. and america. a week before sri lankan's presidential election, we will have access to the tamil tiger heartland. italy plans a crackdown on the children who just don't leave home. hello to you. as haiti's official death toll reaches 75,000, that is the number so far counted in mass graves. there have been two more aftershocks. almost half a million people are homeless. the main port has finally, partially reopened. still, nine days after the strongest earthquake in two centuries, help is not reaching all those who need it. our correspondent is in port-au- prince. >> coming ashore today, vital equipment to help operate the port. a difficult maneuver on a makeshift raft. u.s. commanders say the port can start receiving the aid that it so arguably needed. >> we're preparing the port to receive all the cargo when it comes, to hand it over to the folks who will distribute it, and we are ready as of today to begin receiving some cargo. there's a lot of work that needs to be done by a lot of people come agencies, and other units. >> how much work is very clear. the seaport
say we extended grays a they are not extending greece to anyone else. it turns out bank of america has so much money in bonuses it could have absolves the crisis for 2 million people, but they gave 100 loans. we fired bank of america. it is now a mini movement to move your money. the banks say they are too big to fail. i say make them smaller. in wall street there is a morality play going on. i think it is a cultural thing. greed is good. it is all about me, and i want it now. those messages destroyed economies but also cultures and our souls. i counter that with enough is enough. we are in this together. we evaluate decisions today. that would change things. >> i see greed is a good concept on wall street. what role do we play in rediscovering? >> my depression-era parents would not have spent money they did not have, and wells may not trickle-down, but bad values do. we have got to look at wall street, too. also, at ourselves, look in the mirror. crisis gives such it -- gives us a chance to reset. all of the pain and suffering in detroit is going to be in vain if we go back to busine
of bt sells. including "america sketches." heoins us tonight from washington good t have you ba on the program. >> and gooto be back wh you. tas: let me start b asking whher or n to yourind the were any immedte compasons, or not so immediate comparisons, that you drew between what we in towd with hurricane katrinan new orleans and ate are seeing in haiti as we speak. >> let me start with a good ings. there isomething about the human heart that has benevolence, compassion. when somhing is happening to somne else thatis bad, pople want to help peoplare still coming into new orlns to help. that was the same instinct in iti. the darker side of itin new orleans whether it was that the state level, the national lvel, or the loc vel, like you did not have great governance. you do not hav people worki togher efficiently in the vernment. likewise we have tt oblem in haiti. we talk about leadship i lot. bothof those situations prove that good leadership mters. tas: it does mter, but as good learship matter only during a isis? or before you get in? there culd heeen better leadershipon ever
. but this is a case of a challenge of the middle holding. that's been the great strength of america. our ability to take on tough challenges and meet them. whether it was world war i or world war ii, th the great depression, all of the challenges that this country has faced. over and over america has proven that it's up to the challenge. i believe we're up to this challenge as well. and i believe people working together can come up with solutions that would be credible not only to markets in this country, but markets around the world that are beginning to wonder: does america have the ability to face up to the debt threat that overhangs the future economic strength of the country? mr. president, i appreciate this time. i thank the chairman for allowing this time and i know that senator gregg will be coming to the floor in about an hour for his presentation on the same subject. i thank the chair and yield the floor. senator from montana. mr. baucus: mr. president, the senator from north dakota makes a very compelling case for fiscal discipline. he's been making this case for a good number of year
of race. tavis: in the most multi can -- multi-cultural, multi-ethnic america ever, this is not about race. what is the challenge for great leaders, for creative thinkers? for those people that, down the road and, we will call heroes? >> you look at the diversity of a town like new orleans. whether it was 100 years ago when louis armstrong grow up, taken in by the jewish family, of playing the music of gospel, plantations, creoles, marching bands and everything else, that makes the spanish, french, creole, american, black and white, it created great food and great music. that is the sound of our creativity. you look at that notion of celebrating that -- benjamin franklin did, during his lifetime he donated to the building fund of each and every church in philadelphia. at one point he said even if constantinople came here to teach us about islam, we should offer them a place that we might learn. he was the largest contributor to the synagogue in philadelphia when he was on his deathbed. it is that a multi-ethnic society that america has given the world. it is what we are fighting for today.
in the capital of haiti. america being. its military support for the relief effort in haiti. 16,000 u.s. troops will be deployed here. there are hopes that the main port may soon be opened. >> also coming up, a return to double-digit growth, could china become the second-biggest economy? general misery at general motors in europe as the company announces a thousand jobs to go in factory closures. why the philippines is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. hello and welcome from port-au- prince. i am standing outside the university hospital in port-au- prince where many of the earthquake's survivors have been brought. this is the sort of overspill at the hospital. we are in the courtyard of the hospital. many people are being treated because there simply is not room inside. a lot of the patients have had to have amputations. limbs have had to be amputated, and doctors here from various international organizations, including the colombian red cross. they have carried out dozens of amputations every day. the doctors here have told me that they feel that at the moment, nine days
have to scale back some of the overhaul plans. good morning america will have more coming up at 7:00. >>> 5:32. do not worry about the future. we're in caring hands. young students want to show haiti some love. abc2 news sherrie johnson with card-loving kids. >> from adults to children, many are doing their part to help earthquake victims in haiti. students came up with a way to incorporate valentine's day into their giving. it's a program called sending love to haiti. the entire school from pre-k to 8th graders are making cards with 100% of the proceeds going to help those in haiti. teachers say this fund-raiser teaches kids about love, character and humanity. >> even though they're five years old, the project is from pre-k to 8th. they're excited about the difference they can make in a place that is far, far away. >> students will begin selling cards on monday until february 5th. the goal is to raise more than $1,000. in the studio, sherrie johnson abc2 news. >>> thousands of u.s. troops, rescuers and medical personnel have been streaming into haiti since the earthquake happened
growth voting bloc in america. >> i watched you yesterday on some of the hearings on the terrorist attack. you want somebody held accountable. do you think it will happen? >> if it's business as usual in washington, everyone will be responsible, so no one will be held responsible. it's very disappointing. >> senator john mccain, pleasure to see you, sir. >> thank you, harry. >>> how to southern california where another powerful storm is expected this morning. hundreds of people vulnerable to mudslides have already left their homes. but hundreds more have decided to stay put despite evacuation orders. this morning dave is in la canada flintridge just north of los angeles. he has our first look at the weather. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning. i want to give you a little bit of an idea of exactly how steep and unstable some of these hillsides are. this is where we are, la canada flintridge, and you can see behind me, above me and around me, items nothing but mud. this steep hillside, though, doesn't tell the whole story, so let's take a second camera shot from the camera i'm ho
of major banks, including jp morgan chase and bank of america. >>> goldman sachs was an exception. it continued to outshine the industry. it rewarded its employees with more than $16 billion in salaries and bonuses. that's up about 50% from 2008. but still less than expected. >>> the unemployment picture isn't getting much brighter. the number of americans applying for first-time unemployment benefits jumped last week to the first time ever. >>> corporations may spend freely to oppose candidates. the decision reverse is a 20- year-old limit on corporate political campaign spending. >>> and you tube is breaking into the movie rental business. starting tomorrow, it will offer five films from the upcoming sun dance film festival, for $3.99 each. it hopes to offer more films in the coming months. for more, you can watch cbs money watch.com. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. >>> coming up next on eyewitness news at 4:00. washed out in california. residents are dope -- coping with heavy rainfall and mudslides falling throughout the golden state. >>> i'm ron matz, on german hill roa
. if you're wondering why is the market down today? look at bank of america here. portfolio managers are preparing positions, and we're still trying to figure out exactly what he's saying, but clearly some kind of restrictions on trading activities for the big banks. bank of america, volume has picked up on the financials, so far today normally would trade about 220, so volume definitely coming in. the other issue, of course, what's going on in china. that's a pretty good number now that chinese officials have to figure out a way to keep the economy going. freeport mac moran is a good example, they've all been weak for the past few days, and maybe the-second half of march -- they did have their earnings, by the way, the good news here metal prices were up, they've been cutting costs, that's good news, but a bit of a concern, they talked about lower copper and gold production in the year. look how the material stocks have been selling off in the last couple weeks. they hit their highing about two weeks ago. alcoa has not been the same since their earnings came out. we are at 11 a 50 o
year ago tonight america celebrated its new bond with its first ever black president, barack obama. but like a lot of real-life marriages the wedding was great but the first year was tougher than anybody expected and in that innauguration address president obama promised many things and the question on the minds of millions tonight is how much did he deliver? >> on this day we come to proclaim an end to the grievances and false promisesthat for far too long have strangled our politics. >> more playing well with others, a big part of the change president obama promised us, but he couldn't come through. not only was the rhetoric as nasty as ever, not one republican supported the healthcare reform plan and only a few were on board for his economic stimulus. speaking of which? >> the state of our economy calls for action bold and swift and we will act not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth. we will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together. >> the president got his $787 billion stimulus into
of these united states of america! yeah, baby! welcome! it has been a long, incredibly grueling couple of days since we first heard of this man. and now he's in charge of everything. >> somebody's got to look past this one election and look to the future. >> i wish we were here with other and better news tonight. but we are not. i can tell you there are at least two dogs who are very happy about tonight's results. because we're going to be back with them. >> ah! ah! i'm sure the 30 million americans who now go without health insurance because of your loss will be comforted to know your dogs will no longer suffer separation anxiety. >> hard to believe president obama has been office a year. he took something that was in terrible, terrible shape and he brought it brack from the brink of disaster. the republican party. wow. >> it's as funny as it hurts. next, the war at home, john and cindy mccain disagree on same-sex marriage. she opposes it, she supports it. this week she went public by posing in a new ad for no h 8. john mccain put out a statement saying that while he respects his wife's views
on television, you and people like you brought back to america, it was just heartbreaking. absolutely heartbreaking. >> this morning lisa myers broke the story of edwards acknowledging francis quinn hunter, nearly two years old is his daughter. edwards denied paternity even after admitting an affair with her mother, rielle hunter. today edwards said the following -- >>> also making news, what's next for conan o'brien now that the late night host struck a deal with nbc. more on that ahead. also, more aftershocks in haiti rattles already frazzled nerves. we're going to speak to doctors without borders about what it takes to heal the survivors in their frustration about the slow pace their aid has been arriving. this is msnbc. when you take 10 minutes to answer 10 questions you help our community get what it needs for the next, oh, 10 years. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census . unlock an outdoor dreamland for your indoor cat. exciting flavor combinations, plus a touch of garden greens make it irresistible. friskies indoor delights. feed the senses. ♪ [ male annou
, but will they have enough votes? >> i'm a big fan of the america, i heard you, pack. any chance that liberals in the house and senate will go along with that? >> they'll be put on the spot. it will be this or nothing. a generation of work by progressives and liberals go down the drain because of president 45, as you are calling him, a little earlier. that's a tough question. we don't know the answer to that. this is why politico is saying this may be the defining moment of speaker pelosi's career. can she thread this needle? it's very hard. >> mike allen, good stuff. we'll talk to you later in the show. >> thank you. >>> the photos. what appears to be the first sightings of tiger woods. nicole has been waiting all morning for this. is it tiger? >> the old 19th hole. >> we'll break it down with the forensic team. >>> and today, the book signing for mika "all things at once." she'll be in chicago at noon. the union league club right there in chicago. meet mika, pick up a copy of her great book and find more information on our website, joe.msnbc.com. we'll be right back. when you take 10 minutes
in that respect what we talked about earlier in terms of pricing recovery, coming in north america, it's critical for the company and the stock. >> we've got the revenue out right now on google just crossing the wire, $6.67 billion in revenue. that compares to an estimate of $4.92 billion in revenue. we are waiting on the profitability numbers. $6.48 a share is the estimate on earnings per share on revenue -- here we go. $4.95 billion in revenue is the number. $4.95 billion in revenue versus estimate of $4.92 billion. and the earnings -- the nongap eps is $6.79 a share. $6.79 a share versus $6.48 a share profit. david, your initial reaction to these numbers? on the street will be happy respect to the hevnew number. obviously, we haven't seen the number yet in terms of what their cost per click or pricing action was doing in the quarter. that's going to be the important thing that comes out of conference call that starts at 4:30. >> let's get on jim goldman here. jim, we've got numbers here on a per share basis, $6.79 a share versus estimate of $6.78 on revenue of $4.95 billion. wha
, and in latin america. i want to thank them for their immediate response, and just know that we are supporting your continued work to assist those affected by this calamity. let me conclude by saying before i ask members to come speak that today we just passed, and i am very pleased that the house of representatives passed in a bipartisan way a resolution as relates to haiti that sets forth not only our response in terms of our solidarity with the haitian people in committing ourselves to what ever it takes during the search and rescue mission, but also for a long term and sustained effort on behalf of our country to help haiti recover and rebuild. this was a resolution that was put together in a bipartisan way. i have to thank our speaker, nancy pelosi, and mr. cliburn, our whip, who is now the designated liaison on haiti from the speaker's office. also mr. hoyer and the republican leadership for working together to put together a positive, strong, and good resolution that passed on a bipartisan basis with one no vote. let me ask congressman payne to come forward. >> thank you very much. let
. we trade winners and losers on america's post-market show tonight. >>> welcome back to the "fast money halftime report." time for "power lunch" trade to go. negotiator, taking a look at company formerly known as american bearic. >> love the glasses. nobody rings at bell at the top or the bottom. guess what? american bearic did when they bought hedges in december. look at their chart a gold chart that was the high. now with american you have market risk, company risk, organization risk, all kinds of risk. don't know if it's worth a short but it trades down to 34.5. >> yesterday you were looking at gold, 1060. >> 1065 is where india got in. that's probably where it has to hold. with the dollar continuing to rally, 1065 might be a speed bump. >> time to call the close. let go around the horn. buy or sell into the sell-off, scott? >> you've got to be short into the close. if you haven't sold, look for any bounce and sell longs. >> eugene. >> sell on the close. i didn't like the jobless numbers. >> dr. j.? >> i think you sell into the close, and hope that you get something n. good in
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